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Instrument and Practice

All students are expected to practice on a daily basis. 


Students should practice on an acoustic piano rather than a keyboard or digital piano. The action, touch and sensitivity of an acoustic piano will help students to develop a good, solid foundation and fine musicianship. For beginners, a keyboard is okay for the first 6 months of lessons, if there is already a keyboard in the house. Many shops also offer rental options.


A piano needs to be tuned on a regular basis. Tuning can make a big difference to the well-being of a piano. A well maintained piano is not only a valuable asset to the family, but can also inspire students to practice more.

Every student should have a metronome.

A piano bench with adjustable height is highly recommended.

If the student is very young, a foot stool may be necessary for practice until the student is tall enough to reach the pedals.

If you are looking to buy a piano, please do not hesitate to ask for my advice 

I can also recommend qualified piano tuners and technicians

Studio Etiquette

1. Clean hands when arriving at the studio. 

2. No touching the piano case, lid, legs, strings, or anywhere inside the piano.

3. Siblings may stay in the room if they can remain quiet.

4. No playing with toys, running around, or touching the piano. No playing under the piano. No wandering around the rest of the house. Children younger than 8 must have adult supervision.

5. No talking on the cell phone during lessons, unless it is an emergency.

6. No eating inside the studio. 

7. Do not throw wrappers or other trash in the yard or on the driveway.

8. Parents, please pick up students on time. The studio can not be responsible for watching over the student after the lesson ends.

9. Respect other students' time and privacy. Do not arrive early before your lesson time. When it is your time, come inside the studio. If I don't see the next student, I may sometimes run overtime with the current student. If you must leave on time, let me know.

10. Remember to take all of your personal belongings with you at the end of the lesson, especially your music books. The studio is not responsible for any lost items.

11. Students are at the studio for a limited time (30-60 mins), please limit the use of the restroom unless it is a case of absolute emergency.


September - May: 

Students receive four private lessons a month, on a weekly basis. If there are five weeks in a particular month, I will advise which week is the "off" week, or we will use the extra week for make-up lessons.


June - August: 

The studio typically takes a few weeks off during the summer, and the monthly tuition is prorated accordingly. Students who choose to take vacation outside of the studio break can not be guaranteed their lesson time spot in the next school year, unless tuition is paid for and make-up lessons scheduled. 


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